Internet Bandwidth Price Reduction through Afghan Telecom

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On April 27, 2011 Ministry of Communications and IT announces the Internet Bandwidth Price Reduction through Afghan Telecom.

To mark the occasion, a press conference was held in the conference hall of MCIT with the participation of H.E. Eng.  Amirzai Sangin Minister of Communications and IT of I.R of Afghanistan, Mr. Wahabuhdin Sadaat Deputy Minister Finance & Administration of MCIT and a number of MCIT and foreign officials

At  the beginning H.E. Eng. Amirzai Saning went on to say that as our people know, before the activation of Optic Fiber, internet bandwidth cost per Mbps was 3000 to USD4000 through satellite in Afghanistan. After the activation of Optic Fiber in the center and other provinces, internet prices have been tremendously reduced to USD1500/Mbps/Moths for Afghan Telecom customers.

It is worth to mention that Optic Fiber connectivity is available in the following cities and provinces:

Kabul, Parwan, Baghlan,Samangan,Balkh,Hayratan, Jowuzjan, Maimana,Kunduz,Shair-Khan Bandar (Port), Nangarhar,Torkham,Maidan Wardak, Kandahar, Spin-Boldak and Heart. Neighboring counties, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Iran are connected to the Afghanistan Optic Fiber Ring.

H.E further added that, Afghan Telecom through Optic Fiber is the largest Internet bandwidth provider in Afghanistan and has made efforts to decrease the bandwidth prices on its international bandwidth providers and thus decrease internet service prices in the country as below.

1.      Internet Bandwidth price from 1Mbps up to 50Mbps, USD900/Mbps/Month.

2.      Internet Bandwidth price for more than 50Mbps up to STM-1, USD750/Mbps/Month.

3.      Internet Bandwidth price for one circuit STM-1[155Mbps], USD700/Mbps/Month.

4.      Internet Bandwidth price for 128kbps, USD115/Mbps/Month.

5.      Internet Bandwidth for 256kbps, USD225/Mbps/Month.

6.      Internet Bandwidth price for 512kbps, USD450/Mbps/Month.

Price reductions are mainly for Internet Service Providers and Telecom Operators, while Internet Service Providers may also reduce Internet bandwidth prices on their end.

New DSL services prices with a total of 40% decrease are as follows:

1.      Ex Price 2500Afs. For 128kbps, new price 1500Afs.

2.      Ex Price 5000Afs. For 256kbps, new price 3000Afs.

3.      Ex Price 10000Afs. For 512kbps, new price 6000Afs.

4.      Ex Price 20000Afs. For 1Mbps, new price 12000Afs.

DSL services are available in Kabul, Mazar-e-sharif, Kunduz, Jalalabad,Heart and Kandahar cities.

According to the above new discount prices effective May 1, 2011, Governmental and non-governmental customers, will get benefit and can access this facility in the Center and those provinces connected to the Optic Fiber Ring and these new prices will have a positive impact on the entire Afghanistan economy and daily affairs.

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