Biography’s Professor Rahmatgul Ahmadi


Biography’s Professor Rahmatgul Ahmadi Deputy Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan.

Professor Rahmatgul Ahmadi serves as Deputy Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan in section Natural-Technical Sciences. He was born in district Tegari, Laghman province Afghanistan in 1961. He was graduated from Roshan Lycee at laghman city in 1980. He was attended Moscow Chemical Technology University named after D.I. Mendeleev Federative Republic Russia since 1981-1987 and awarded degree Master of Science in Engineering. As Chemical Technology Engineer having specialized in technology inorganic substances and mineral fertilizers. In 1989 he was started working for Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan. He promoted to Assistant professor in 1990, to Professor Associate in 1995 and to Professor Academic degree in 2007.


  • Fellowship for Research and Advanced Training (FRAT 2013) 01.06. 2013-31.12.2013 SDC SAARC in NISCAIR New Delhi Satsang Vihar-14 India.
  • International training program on Research Methods in Labour studies. February 08-26 2010 V.V. Giri National Institute Noida India



  • Deputy Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan (Natural and Technical Sciences Section) January – 2016
  • Deputy of the Chemical, Biological and Agriculture Research center (2004- 2015)
  • Head of the Chemical, Biological and Agriculture Research center(1998- 2004)
  • Head of chemistry Institute(1993-1998)
  • Member of chemistry Institute(1989-1993)

Type of Work: Research and Administration Work

  • Having 26research publication ( including research projects and essays)
  • Participation in writing ARIANA Encyclopedia Vo.1, Vo.2, Vo.3, Vo.4, Vol. 5, Vo.6 ,Vo.7 (2004-2018)
  • Guidance of young scientist in Academy of Sciences
  • Participation in ANSA Technical committee for Standardization.
  • Member of National Committee  of Climate Change NCCC of  NEPA