MCIT Detects and Seizes illegal SIM Boxes

پنجشنبه ۱۳۴۸/۱۰/۱۱ - ۵:۳

According to the law of  Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority  (ATRA) is the only regulating telecommunication services, which works  independently in Ministry of Communication & IT  and open approach, transparent, targeted and without discrimination. 

To date 13, 14, and 31 / 4/ 1391 the ATRA office was notified that a number of equipment of telecommunication illegally installed and work in three locations in Kabul city. . Receiving report, the supervising team of ATRA in collaboration with law enforcement bodies spontaneously went to the area. During operation in Haji Gul’s house in third district was confiscated three SIM Boxes with 9 its tools, and in second location in Infuses educational course 1 SIM Box with 373 SIM cards of communication companies and its tools, from third location in 11th district 1 SIM Box and 55 SIM cards with 17 its tools. Also 1 SIM Box with its 11 item tools and 885 SIM cards were seized in Kandahar city on 18/4/1391. And 6 suspects were introduced for more investigation. Transform of international telecommunication to local Using the SIM Box causes great prejudice and loss to the state and security problems.

Using the above mentioned accessories, the perpetrators have gone against the law as follows:

1. Provided Telecom services without any authorizing license.

2. Imported Telecom equipment without having ATRA approval.

3. Inflicted Telecom Companies as well as the government thousands of USD loss.

4. Would have done anti security activities through carrying out illegal calls.

5. Lowered quality of service of the Telecom Companies in the country, using the above mentioned equipment’s.

When a person provides Telecom services, uses frequency or imports Telecom equipment illegally and does not apply the procedures of ATRA, are obligated to pay cash fine in accordance with the provision of the Telecom Services Regulation Law. The issue has been referred to the Board of ATRA and any actions are to be taken based on the provisions of the said law.


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